January 2010

So many wonderful blogs offer insights into the facets of negotiation theory and practice that I’ve had to share many of them over time. I used to snail mail news clippings. That was replaced by email. Social media have opened up new ways to share information. Google Reader helps me cover around 100 blogs and news sources efficiently. The highlights are time-released through Twitter (www.twitter.com/DonPhilbin), Facebook (www.facebook.com/DonPhilbin), and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/donphilbin). This blog collects that feed. Credit goes to the writers; these headlines link you to their fine work.

PsyBlog: Cheating: Does Deindividuation Encourage It? http://short.to/14iay (social psychology experiment on Halloween illuminates cheating)

BrainBlog: Aerobic Exercise and Neurons http://short.to/14izh

The Frontal Cortex: Musical Predictions http://is.gd/6ToWU

BPS Research Digest: Hospital staff make better decisions using textual information rather than medical charts http://short.to/134n4

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: How to Divide Marital Property in a Dallas, Texas Divorce http://bit.ly/4V3nkT

BPS Research Digest: Scared face processed more quickly when seen out of the corner of the eye http://bit.ly/5V9e1a

Psychology Today: The Dynamic Duo: Imagination + Knowledge: Study connects daydreaming and superior intelligence http://bit.ly/7q1J5d

Brain Waves: Tel Aviv Neurotech Cluster Thrives Email This Entry http://bit.ly/4zioyU

PsyBlog: The 7 Psychological Principles of Scams: Protect Yourself by Learning the Techniques http://bit.ly/6Zj4eR

BPS Research Digest: Early risers are more proactive than evening people http://bit.ly/5wjrjc

Healthcare Neutral ADR Blog: Mediator’s Proposal Roundtable http://short.to/14i6q

Goldstein: Judicial Enforcement of Arbitral Provisional Measures http://is.gd/6Ti08

Disputing: More on ‘Bad Faith’ Mediation in Texas http://is.gd/6TmHb

Disputing: Mediation in Healthcare: Interview with Healthcare Neutral Richard Webb http://is.gd/6TiVT

Wired GC: Legal Recovery Watch: the Real Unknown http://is.gd/6TuH8

ADR Prof Blog: Sternlight on Rent-a-Center West http://is.gd/6Tmjn

idealawg: Some articles for you on decision tree analysis http://short.to/14i96

Goldstein: Post-Award Reconsideration: More Evolved Thoughts on the Second Circuit’s T. Co. v. Dempsey Decision http://bit.ly/87cGbq

ADR Prof Blog: FINRA’s arbitration filings rise almost 50% in 2009 http://is.gd/6Tgm5

The Frontal Cortex: Chess Intuition http://short.to/1439f (experts don’t consciously analyze information) Time profile http://short.to/143s1

Disputing: 2009 Arbitration Case Law: Fifth Circuit http://is.gd/6CWjX (nice summary)

Mediate.com: The Psychology Of Mediation, Part I: The Mediator’s Issues Of Self And Identity http://bit.ly/8nh3gr

Kluwer Construction Blog: Making Demands on Advance Payment Guarantees and Performance Bonds – the “fraud exception” http://is.gd/6CXfN

Mediation Matters: The Mediator’s Proposal Roundtable: The Good, the Bad, The Ugly http://short.to/143r4

Business Conflict Blog: SCOTUS Grants Cert in Employment Arbitration http://short.to/1438l

ADR Prof Blog: Supreme Court Grants Cert in Arbitrability Case http://short.to/1438d

Mediation Matters Vanna, Can I See if There a Sincere Apology For $500?:http://is.gd/6z4D7

SCOTX: Fifth Circuit: Mid-Continent Insurance does not extend to the duty to defend http://short.to/13ury

Neuroethics & Law Blog: “Forgetting We Forget: Overconfidence and Memory” http://bit.ly/8aujFG

Adjunct Law Prof Blog: Jury Verdict Research In Employment Discrimination http://bit.ly/8nJGCt

Adjunct Law Prof Blog: More law schools experiment with laptop bans http://is.gd/6sSjd

Mashable: Zen and the Art of Twitter: 4 Tips for Productive Tweeting http://short.to/13ux9

Law Department Management: In the noise about Pfizer’s massive fixed-fee arrangement, a whispered question http://short.to/13v8b

Law.com: Law Library of Congress: Now on YouTube http://is.gd/6sJdM

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: I made a huge mistake, can I get an annulment? http://bit.ly/5HPyhJ

ADR Prof Blog: Deadline looms for closed GM and Chrysler auto dealers to challenge their termination in arbitration http://is.gd/6TgzX

Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Law School: Stipanowich’s Work Named ‘Best Professional Article’ http://bit.ly/6opM5w

CourTex: Workload of District Courts http://short.to/14ieq (Criminal 40.6%; Civil 20.7%; Family 34.0%; Juvenile 4.7%)

Kiser: Beyond Right and Wrong: The Power of Effective Decision Making for Attorneys and Clients http://is.gd/6TczB (extension of his JELS piece)

The Frontal Cortex: Self-Control, Redux http://is.gd/647sD

NPR All Tech Considered: IBM Predicts Five Trends For Cities http://is.gd/64riW

TaxProf Blog: Taxpayers Win 14% of Tax Cases http://is.gd/6rJpl

Business Conflict Blog: You Gotta Wonder, Sometimes…. http://is.gd/6rx5Y

Mediation Stuff – John Lassey’s ADR Web Log: That’s Not My Department http://short.to/13u17

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Attorney’s Fees in Probate — New Texas case http://short.to/13u2y

Computational Legal Studies™: Sean Gourley on the Mathematics of War http://bit.ly/5bP8bV

Loree: Vacating Arbitration Awards – Part III.B: Evident Partiality (Enforcing the Parties’ Expectations of Neutrality) http://is.gd/6rxs5

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Can a deceased person be a trust beneficiary? http://short.to/13u2x

Psychology Today: Managing Conflicts With Email: Why It’s So Tempting.Dealing with conflict: Can’t I just email ;)? http://bit.ly/7HOSuH

Mass Tort Litigation Blog: Gensler on CAFA’s effect on state court class actions http://is.gd/6rGvw

Mediation Matters: Poker Wins Can Really Mean You Lose in Life’s Negotiations http://short.to/13u16

idealawg: “Close Encounters Of The Desired Kind: Study Reveals Wanted Objects Are Seen As Closer” http://short.to/13ubm

Settle It Now Negotiation Blog: Do Attorneys’ “Get in the Way” of Mediator Assisted Negotiations? http://is.gd/69tzJ

Schau’s Mediation Insights: New Employment Case Limits Right to Recover Attorneys Fees http://bit.ly/8VL6hN

Disputing: 210 Billion Emails Sent Each Day –It’s Time to Use eMediation or Special Masters in eDiscovery http://is.gd/6ruNt

Commercial ADR: Ninth Circuit Permits Class Representative’s Appeal Despite Settlement of His Personal Claims http://is.gd/6rt9T

ABA Litigation News: Eighth Circuit Upholds Class-Action Waiver http://short.to/134pj

Texas Lawyer Blog: Firm mergers down in 2009, report finds http://short.to/135qx

Trial Warrior Blog: Twitter and Emergence of a New Market: How Twitter is Disrupting Market Exchanges Based Upon Price http://is.gd/64tjP

Mashable: Facebook Founder on Privacy: Public Is the New “Social Norm” http://is.gd/65eFm

Loree Forum: SCOTUS Grants Certiorari in Jackson v. Rent-a-Center West, Inc. Arbitration Unconscionability Case http://is.gd/6z2Np

Adjunct Law Prof Blog: Failure To Seek Arbitration Stay Precludes Employer From Arguing That The Matter Is Not Arbitrable http://is.gd/64RXu

Law.com Legal Blog Watch: Of Am Law 100 Firms, 29 Are Tweeting http://is.gd/64Qag

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Using a bill of review in a probate matter — Texas style http://bit.ly/86P6vt

Loree: Arbitration Nuts & Bolts: Vacating Arbitration Awards – Part IIIA: Evident Partiality (Expectations of Parties) http://short.to/133rq

Disputing: Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Arbitration Unconscionability Case http://bit.ly/72TNv1

CourTex: Vanishing Jury Trials http://bit.ly/6BiDE7 (latest stats out of court administration)

Mashable: AT&T and Verizon Slash Their Prices in an All-Out Price War http://is.gd/6t2az

Predictably Irrational: The Science Behind Exercise Footwear http://is.gd/648t1

Florida Arbitration Law: Should Your Business Contracts Include Pre-Suit… Mediation? http://is.gd/63YMR

Gerry Spence’s Blog: Why I hated Avatar http://short.to/134rz

Loree: Some New and Useful Resources for Arbitration and Mediation Fans Courtesy of Don Philbin and Victoria Pynchon http://short.to/13uvl

Law Department Management: Three law firms formed a collective to bill Pfizer as a single firm http://is.gd/6sRRJ

The Frontal Cortex: Avatar http://short.to/133vs

The Frontal Cortex: Charity is Social http://short.to/13u1q

Predictably Irrational: What boyfriends and girlfriends search for on Google http://is.gd/647XX

Psychology Today: The Globalization of Psychiatry – Universalizing Our Mental Illness Rather than creating science http://short.to/134nm

Vogel: Facebook – Weather Report and Lobbying Members of Congress http://short.to/134r3

The Frontal Cortex: Intelligence and the Idle Mind http://bit.ly/83PJ2J

Managerial Econ: Mathematica Demonstration project http://is.gd/5KDI3

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: We were separated in NY, but reconciled and lived together in Dallas. Am I still married? http://bit.ly/8aPpzv

Psychology Today: God, Lincoln, and Depression: How Abraham Lincoln could be both depressed and unassailably strong http://is.gd/64a25

Mnookin: Bargaining with the Devil: When to Negotiate, When to Fight http://bit.ly/7AhCGE Amazon: http://is.gd/6kLST (Mnookin is ADR giant)

Disputing: Professor Alan Scott Rau Comments on Dealer Computers v. Old Colony Motors http://bit.ly/8RhMAI

Patently-O: Wikipedia Citations in Patents Up 59 Percent http://is.gd/64pVE

Texas Lawyer: The lingering effect of decisions made under the influence of negative emotions http://is.gd/64kWo

Loree: Stolt-Nielsen Oral Argument Analysis: Part IV http://short.to/133rl

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences Theme Issue ‘Rationality and emotions’ http://bit.ly/6U4Hda (free-2/28)

ABA Litigation Update: Court Rejects Bank of America–Merrill Settlement, Changes Securities Landscape http://is.gd/64hWa

Marc J. Goldstein: Referring Arbitrability Issues to the Arbitrator http://is.gd/63Pk2

The Strategic Mediator: Mediation between the Rational and Irrational – a little about tigers and stripes… http://bit.ly/7qxVYE

Commercial ADR: Business2Business “Demand Letters” – Precede Them with a Conversation http://short.to/134kn

Florida Arbitration Law: 11th Circuit Considers Sprint Nextel’s Arbitration and Class Action Waiver Clauses http://bit.ly/85pvNc

Mediation Matters: Medicare Reimbursement Rights: 2010 http://short.to/133ru

Loree: The LinkedIn Commercial and Industry Arbitration and Mediation Group is Now More than 500 Members Strong! http://is.gd/63RUa #in

Negotiation Journal: Facilitating Conflict Transformation: Mediator Strategies for Eliciting Emotional Communication http://bit.ly/7D19He

Disputing: GUEST-POST PART II | Employment Arbitration: Short-Term Value but Long-Term Harm http://is.gd/63R1Q

Disputing: GUEST-POST PART I | Employment Arbitration: Short-Term Value but Long-Term Harm http://is.gd/63QNX

Negotiation Journal: The Negative Impact of Attorneys on Mediation Outcomes: A Myth or a Reality? http://bit.ly/6WV9Eh

Disputing: 2009 Developments in Mediation: Joint Commission Standard on Code of Conduct http://short.to/133rc

Mediation Strategies: THE USE AND ABUSE OF THE JOINT SESSION http://bit.ly/4stuP4

CalculatedRisk: First Foreclosure in Dubai http://is.gd/64o8N

Marc J. Goldstein: A Legislated Solution to the Class Actions Conundrum? http://is.gd/63P3X

Settle It Now Negotiation Blog: Don’t Leave Money on the Table or Pay Too Much for that Release this Year http://is.gd/64P9p (Thanks Vickie)

Wisconsin AP News: AFT, Democrats Want UW System To Sign Union Deal http://short.to/133ym (UWisconsin selects colleague Richard Barnes)

Disputing: Dispute Resolution Journal Article: Decisional Errors: Why We Make Them and How to Address Them http://short.to/133ws (Thanks!)

CATASTROPHIC INS COVERAGE: Collateral Source Rule Protects Tort Plaintiff’s Recovery for Health Insurance Discounts http://bit.ly/8qnIoZ

Patently-O: Judge versus Jury (Again): Who Should Decide the Question of Obviousness? http://is.gd/5uKXD

Florida Arbitration Law: Post details: NY Court Questions Whether Arbitrability is Best for Court or Arbitrator http://short.to/111gz

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: Custody Battle: Dad’s Story http://short.to/11263

idealawg: New criticism of learning styles: May we FINALLY say goodbye to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (VAK)? http://is.gd/5sB8Y

Brains on Purpose: Being strong and silent, or meek and mild, may turn you weak and wild http://is.gd/5sB4X

The Ombuds Blog: The Ombuds Decade in Review http://bit.ly/8djzJg

Adjunct Law Prof Blog: The Decades 25 Biggest Legal Stories http://is.gd/5HJkR

The Frontal Cortex: Tiger Woods http://short.to/115t2 (the defining feature of human willpower is its weakness)

Brain Waves: McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT – Must See 20 Minute Video http://short.to/11lp6 (excellent research and video)

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: New Edition of Texas Elder Law Released http://bit.ly/8MZrZ3

Psych Central: Smiling Increases Good Samaritan Behavior http://is.gd/5KDwj

Law Department Management: Three common delusions that confound our decision-making http://is.gd/5zWE0

Dispute Resolution Journal: Decisional Errors: Why We Make Them and How to Address Them http://bit.ly/7dpzwk #in

Workplace Prof Blog: Hart on Supreme Court Extremism http://bit.ly/4LIkGs

NYT Op-Ed by CA & NH CJs: A Nation of Do-It-Yourself Lawyers http://bit.ly/4oLPWF (self-help Web sites, online assistance programs, etc.)

Business Conflict Blog: Man Bites Dog: Employment Arbitration Takes a Bashing http://short.to/11low

Brains On Purpose™: The brain and culture: “The mind’s great conflict spills over onto the world stage” http://is.gd/5KDm4

Law Department Management: The longer the litigation, the higher the fees – but a linear relationship? http://is.gd/5HJst

Predictably Irrational: The Significant Objects Project http://bit.ly/8LH0Mw

CATASTROPHIC INSURANCE COVERAGE BLOG: Chinese Dry Wall Redux – United Policyholders Nudges the Insurance Regulators http://bit.ly/5GFEPO

Empirical Legal Studies: Prediction Markets vs. Super Crunching: Which Can Better Predict How Justice Kennedy Will Vote? http://is.gd/5HI8u

Patently-O: Recent Jury Verdicts http://bit.ly/8XvKhr

BPS Research Digest: Right-handers sit to the right of the movie screen to optimise neural processing of the film http://bit.ly/7qkxk9

Commercial ADR: An insurance coverage negotiation case study http://is.gd/5HGCL

FL Arbitration Law: Preclusion or Permission: SCOTUS Hears Case Re Class Actions When Arbitration is Silent http://short.to/115vc

Settlement Perspectives: A Simple Thank You http://short.to/12b0c (highlights many blogs and publications)

Brains on Purpose: Video of magicians discussing attention, perception, and memory at Neuroscience 2009 http://is.gd/5sB2m

Commercial ADR: How to Convince Your Adversary You’re Right http://short.to/121pv

Patently-O: The Presumption of Irreparable Harm? http://is.gd/5uKTv

Loree: Arbitration Nuts & Bolts: Vacating Arbitration Awards — Part II: Corruption, Fraud and Undue Means http://is.gd/5uGVW

Takeaways: Playing By the Rues: When Mediation is Like Improv http://is.gd/5zTlo (Jeff Krivis teaches Improvisational Mediation at Straus)

Settlement Perspectives: In-House Legal Blogs, Social Media and Web 2.0: Can They Advance Your Career? http://bit.ly/6O51Pu

Florida Arbitration Law: Florida Supreme Court Orders Mediation for Foreclosures http://bit.ly/8SkkRP

Legal Writing Prof Blog: The Bluebook publishes online “cheat-sheet” http://bit.ly/5DZLrL (“Blue Tips”handles Bluebook questions)

CrossCollaborate: Robert Benjamin on the Irrational Rationality of Mediation Models http://is.gd/5sBxb

Patently-O: Appellate Court Enforces Permanent Injunction against Microsoft Word http://bit.ly/50oVps

idealawg: Fine idea: ADR Highlight Reel http://short.to/122c5 (thanks!)

Legal Writing Prof Blog: legal writing prof on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on January 4, 2010 http://is.gd/5vzzV — better than LA lawyer?

PsyBlog: When Situations Not Personality Dictate Our Behaviour http://is.gd/5uIFe

The Frontal Cortex: Free Will and Ethics http://bit.ly/8429Ip (free will illusion leads us to be more prosocial and ethical)

CrossCollaborate: Mediating on Two Tracks: the Rational and the Rest of Human Nature http://bit.ly/5DU4zD

RT @PhilLoreeJr: A great new #ADR online resource courtesy of @DonPhilbin: the ADR Highlight Reel: http://bit.ly/8Pli6z (thanks Phil)

Dallas Divorce Blog: Fair market value vs. Intrinsic value: Which one to use? http://bit.ly/7nXbeX

BankruptcyProf Blog: Annual Report on the Federal Courts – 2009 http://bit.ly/6hbv6o

Business Conflict Blog: Some Helpful Principles of Competitive Negotiation http://is.gd/5KD9B

idealawg: Turning back the clock of time: How this columnist knocked ten years off his age http://bit.ly/8FZBhy

FL Arbitration Law: Treating Doctor & ARNP Not Intended to be Included in Resident-Nursing Home Arbitration Agreement http://short.to/11lp0

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Electronic Wills Analyzed http://short.to/115xk (Shattering and Moving Beyond the Gutenberg Paradigm)

Adjunct Law Prof Blog: Arbitration award vacated after court finds arbitrator exceed his authority http://bit.ly/4ywwuK

Brains on Purpose: Watch the videos from the U of Chicago conference on how the social brain experiences empathy http://short.to/1125n

idealawg: Law firms looking at rate bumps in 2010 http://is.gd/5HG3g

BPS Research Digest: What does a doodle do? It boosts your memory and concentration http://bit.ly/7Ed0Uy

BPS Research Digest: People are happier in those states identified with ‘quality of life’ http://short.to/115t9 full list http://is.gd/5uKeK

The Frontal Cortex: Willpower http://short.to/121qc (New Year’s resolutions are exactly the wrong way to change our behavior)

Psychology Today: What an Effective New Year’s Resolution Looks Like: The curious case of successful resolution keeper.http://bit.ly/7rolTm

ADR Prof Blog: Avatar and Invictus http://bit.ly/7gFZ6F (movie reviews — from a DR perspective)

idealawg: Review of The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World http://short.to/122bu


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    Don Philbin is an attorney-mediator, negotiation consultant and trainer, and arbitrator. He has resolved disputes and crafted deals for more than 20-years as a commercial litigator, general counsel, and president of communications and technology-related companies. Don has mediated hundreds of matters in a wide variety of substantive areas and serves as an arbitrator on several panels, including CPR’s Panels of Distinguished Neutrals. He is an adjunct professor at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Law School, Chair of the ABA Dispute Resolution Section’s Negotiation Committee, and a member of the ADR Section Council of the State Bar of Texas. Don is a Fellow of the American Academy of Civil Trial Mediators and is listed in THE BEST LAWYERS IN AMERICA (Dispute Resolution), THE BEST LAWYERS IN SAN ANTONIO, and the BAR REGISTER OF PREEMINENT LAWYERS.

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