2009 Highlights

ADR Prof Blog: Drinking Games and Negotiation http://bit.ly/6ffoH0 (new study (in bars) of old negotiating problem)

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Canadian television production company seeks dramatic will stories http://is.gd/5jJAj

Predictably Irrational: Visual illusions and decision illusions http://is.gd/5jPO1 (fooled in predictable and consistent ways over and over)

Psychology Today: Sugar Addiction In Your Body, Not Just Your Mind: Is out of sight, out of mind the best policy? http://is.gd/5jREw

Disputing: 2009 Developments in Mediation: Mediation Confidentiality http://is.gd/5HIWt

Disputing: 2009 Arbitration and Mediation Guest-Bloggers at Disputing http://short.to/122bo

Xobni Blog: Xobni 1.8.5: Major Improvements for All, and Free “Links Exchanged” Upgrade for Xobni Plus Members http://short.to/109ri (nifty)

Business Conflict Blog: Gender and Negotiation: An Interesting Study of a Perennial Topic http://bit.ly/6BHKDZ

Goldstein: Arbitral Discretion to Refuse Tactical Adjournment Requests http://bit.ly/77mEGD

The Complex Litigator: Adobe rolls out significant upgrades to Acrobat.com, improving user experience and machinery http://short.to/109hu

Xobni Blog: First Round gives Susan Boyle a Run for her Money http://short.to/10a8s (patent apps may be down but these innovators inspire)

Disputing: Fifth Circuit Rules that the Arbitrators -Not the Courts- Must Decide Who Pays the AAA Arbitration Fees http://bit.ly/7WOUQw

Patently-O: Predicted 2009 Patent Application Filings: An off year http://short.to/109q8 (CNN: “Recession’s latest victim: U.S. innovation”)

Kluwer Construction Blog: Flexible Arbitration Filing Fees Introduced by AAA http://is.gd/5sAAc

Mediation Matters: Mediation in History: Far East: Mediation: It’s Wonderful http://bit.ly/6vfoQF

Enjoy Mediation: Emotions in Negotiation http://is.gd/5sADV

SCOTUS Blog: Sarbanes-Oxley and its devilish details: Free Enterprise Fund v. PCAOB, 08-861, Argument Recap http://bit.ly/4zZMc0

The Trial Warrior Blog: My “22 Tweets Twitterview” http://bit.ly/7g9w61 (website, online directories, & Google SEO increased engagements)

TortsProf Blog: RAND Report on Silica Litigation Released http://short.to/1095g

Disputing: 2009 Developments in Arbitration: Consumer and Employment Arbitration http://short.to/11kx8

The Complex Litigator: Costco Wholesale Corp. v. Superior Court puts the privilege in attorney-client privilege http://short.to/1095r

Mediation Channel: What color is a banana? Perception, bias, and identity http://bit.ly/4VLBX3

negotiation – mediation – arbitration highlight reel: @DonPhilbin, http://www.linkedin.com/in/donphilbin, http://www.facebook.com/DonPhilbin

Mass Tort Litigation Blog: Florida Verdict Against Philip Morris http://short.to/109io

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Farewell Videos http://is.gd/5jIFW (while videos can head off disputes, they also can backfire)

Business Conflict Blog: ADR in Italy http://bit.ly/6kYtKC

The Consensus Building Approach: Resolving Complaints About Irresponsible Corporations http://is.gd/5jLUj

Computational Legal Studies: Which Countries Own America’s Debt? http://short.to/1097l (reduce complexities to elegant graphs)

Psychology Today: Poets vs. Critics: Different Brain Systems http://bit.ly/4MGMFW

Wealth Mediation Blog: Avoiding Hostile Holidays http://bit.ly/4XpXM7

idealawg: 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology: Shattering Widespread Misconceptions about Human Behavior http://short.to/108jo

Mediation Matters: Anger, The Reasons, The Righteousness, and Rationale http://bit.ly/8Fuvtq

TortsProf Blog: Engstrom on Personal Injury “Settlement Mills” (SSRN article: “Run-of-the-Mill Justice”) http://bit.ly/5tfLL1

BPS Research Digest: Scientists find way to strengthen memories during sleep http://short.to/109e8 (sleep important to memory consolidation)

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Cave Dwellers to Become Billionaires http://is.gd/5jJpx

When you point a finger at someone else, always remember that there are three pointing back at you. http://bit.ly/IPGp2

BPS Research Digest: Step away from the cookie jar! Over-confidence in self-control leads us to temptation http://is.gd/5jPq7

Managerial Econ: Refugees from New York http://bit.ly/1xCOxf

PsyBlog: The 12 Psychology Studies of Christmas http://short.to/11kxp

Kluwer Arbitration Blog: Agency as a mechanism for compelling a non-signatory to join arbitral proceedings http://bit.ly/7G48YE

idealawg: Want to live a long life? Listen to music or volunteer http://is.gd/5dWOH

Predictably Irrational: The Psychology of Gift-Giving http://www.predictablyirrational.com/?p=712

Workplace Prof Blog: Supreme Court Grants Cert in Quon Privacy Case http://short.to/115vu

CAFA Law Blog: $5 Million?? That’s a Large Threshold . . . Or is it? http://is.gd/5jI51

Mediation Matters: The New Type C Personality: Emotionally Repressed http://bit.ly/6W7G7r

Mashable: Pepsi to Skip Super Bowl Ads in Favor of $20M Social Media Campaign http://bit.ly/7qiiVT

Loree: Stolt-Nielsen Oral Argument Analysis: Part III http://is.gd/5zSmX (perhaps best ongoing analysis of the only SCOTUS arbitration case)

Settlement Perspectives: Insurance Coverage: 4 Rules and 10 Tips for Policyholders http://is.gd/5sANl

Disputing: 2009 Developments in Mediation: Foreclosure Mediation Programs http://short.to/115v5

idealawg: Do actions, tone, or body language speak louder than words? That silly 55/38/7 rule again http://is.gd/5dWuc

Loree: Interesting Article on Arbitrator Power to Retain Jurisdiction http://is.gd/5syPu

Disputing: 2009 U.S. Legislation on Arbitration and Mediation http://bit.ly/5dBHAD

Disputing: 2009 Texas Legislation on Arbitration and Mediation http://www.karlbayer.com/blog/?p=6826

The Frontal Cortex: Why We Travel http://is.gd/5jPkm

Mediation Matters: SLO verdict in Nursing Home Case http://bit.ly/4LcP0w

Brains on Purpose: The brain for non-scientists: A 75-minute lesson in 12 short segments http://bit.ly/5glk1N

Goldstein: “Investments” in Investment Arbitration: A New Installment in the Jurisprudence http://bit.ly/7Tbo5y

ABA Journal: Jurors’ Wikipedia Research, Friending at Issue in Two Md. Cases http://bit.ly/8q0oh6

The Frontal Cortex: The Middle Way http://is.gd/5jR4Y (the “compromise effect” was first documented by Amos Tversky and Itamar Simonson)

Disputing: Obama Signs Legislation Providing Arbitration to Appeal Termination of GM and Chrysler Franchise Agreements http://is.gd/5syUO

ABA Journal: Patent Pending http://is.gd/5xiyp (bill would establish a 10-year pilot program in U.S. district courts with most patent cases)

Patently-O: Federal Circuit Lowers Bar for Declaratory Judgment Jurisdiction When Patentee is a Holding Company http://short.to/109kt

Complex Litigator: California Supreme Court sets 1-1 punitive damage to compensatory ratio on facts in Roby v. McKesson http://is.gd/5jJWz

Florida Arbitration Law: Second DCA Confirms “Widely Used” Durable Power of Attorney Form Includes Selecting Arbitration http://is.gd/5jFJl

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Divorce Now, or Divorce Later for $55 million? http://is.gd/5wzHU

Loree: Some Helpful Rules and Tips for Policyholders and Cedents Courtesy of Settlement Perspectives http://bit.ly/4PvQkY

The Trial Warrior Blog: Peter Gillies on “Forum Non Conveniens in the Context of International Commercial Arbitration” http://short.to/109ga

Cross Collaborate:The Back of the Napkin: New Approaches to Visualizing and Communicating Ideas http://is.gd/5jHj3

Settlement Perspectives: Delivering Bad News in Negotiation: 3 More Tips http://is.gd/5jHUw

ThePopTort: “Medical Errors are Our Bad” http://short.to/1186w (bill proposes to give money to states to consider litigation alternatives??)

BankruptcyProf Blog: A Summary of Bankruptcy Law http://short.to/109qi (appeared before you for a mediation in an adversarial proceeding)

The Divorce Collaborative: Tips for Surviving the Holidays During and After Divorce by Steve McDonough, Esq. http://bit.ly/6YRkYx

Psychology Today: The Brain at Google: How Google makes smart employees even smarter http://short.to/109mj (distractions down / glucose up)

ThePopTort: Bank of America, Dinosaurs, and Mandatory Binding Arbitration http://bit.ly/5h7WvC (good year for consumers)

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: Am I still entitled to my ex’s social security benefits after our divorce? http://is.gd/5jH5j

Bankruptcy Litigation Blog: SCOTUS Drops Bombshell “Summary Disposition” Vacating 2d Circuit’s Chrysler Decision http://is.gd/5uLaa

Jottings By An Employer’s Lawyer: A Pre-Cursor to the Arbitration Fairness Act Takes Another Step http://is.gd/5uHVG

BPS Research Digest: Psychologists find a drug-free way for fears to be unlearned http://bit.ly/8x9KPW

Workplace Prof Blog: Franken Versus Mandatory Arbitration http://bit.ly/4nDZAk

idealawg: THE BRAIN ADVANTAGE: A new book on the brain in the workplace http://short.to/1090v

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: How To Make It Through The Holidays After Divorce http://short.to/108ne

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Price for Cheating — $5,000,000 http://short.to/1094w

Mediation Channel: Remembering the human factor in the practice of law http://bit.ly/8ubuH2

Loree: Stolt-Nielsen Oral Argument Analysis: Part II http://bit.ly/8YgEnN

Loree: Stolt-Nielsen Oral Argument Analysis: Part I http://short.to/111dh (finally getting to Phil’s fine analysis)

idealawg: “Stories from the Jury Room: How Jurors Use Narrative to Process Evidence” http://short.to/108ke

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: First Time Litigating in Probate Court? http://is.gd/5jLGF

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ABA Journal: The North Face Sues The South Butt for Trademark Infringement http://bit.ly/5FGVoS (truth better than fiction for Friday Funny)

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Don Philbin is delighted to have been elected a Fellow of the American College of Civil Trial Mediators #in http://www.acctm.org/index.cfm

Mediation Channel: Playing around: game theory in popular culture http://bit.ly/7zp08L

Tim Corcoran Congratulations on being accepted as a Fellow in the American College of Civil Trial Mediators!!!! You’ll make a great contribution to the group. Welcome aboard and Happy Holidays.

Brains on Purpose: Are you promoting yawning in your mediations? If not, you may want to rethink that http://short.to/zjqt

Disputing: 2009 Arbitration Case Law: U.S. Supreme Court http://bit.ly/82tCXG

Mediation Matters: Mandatory and Voluntary Mediation: A Comparison of Effectiveness and Perspective http://is.gd/5dVUB

ADR Prof Blog: Is NBC Bargaining in the Shadow of Fuzzy Antitrust Law? http://is.gd/5jBXi

Mediation Matters: The Words You Choose Can Decrease Your Stress http://is.gd/5jBox

Disputing: 2009 Arbitration Case Law: Texas Supreme Court http://bit.ly/4ST2vP

Kluwer Construction Blog: Contractor risk in the Gulf’s ‘new wave’ of EPC contracting http://is.gd/5jCCf

Psychology Today: The Danger of Self-Affirmation: Self-affirmation isn’t a good idea for everyone http://bit.ly/6DvLhf

Florida Arbitration Law.com: Marital Settlement Agreement and Shareholder Agreement: One Has Arbitration Clause, the Othe http://is.gd/5dXau

Loree: Arbitration Nuts & Bolts: Vacating Arbitration Awards — It’s All in the Agreement http://is.gd/5jD1s

Mediation Stuff – John Lassey’s ADR Web Log: When Not to Mediate http://bit.ly/5fwpbg

Settlement Perspectives: Early Case Assessments: More on the ECA Toolkit from PD Villareal http://short.to/zkai

Patently-O: Federal Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment of Obviousness for Bulk EMail Patent http://is.gd/5ei7J

Disputing: Texas Supreme Court Compels Nonsignatories to Arbitrate Wrongful Death Claims http://is.gd/5dWh8

Mediation Strategies: ADR AND THE NEW ALTERNATIVE http://bit.ly/715pwu (“vanishing trial”; soon “vanishing arbitration” high costs anxiety)

CATASTROPHIC INSURANCE COVERAGE BLOG: If You Thought E-Discovery Was Bad, Hang on For Cloud Computing http://bit.ly/5920Ow

Florida Arbitration Law: Deferring Public Policy Challenges to the Arbitrator: Is the Second District Right in Conflict? http://is.gd/5jCnS

CATASTROPHIC INSURANCE COVERAGE BLOG: California Supreme Court Speaks Yet Again on Punitive Damage Limitations http://is.gd/5ehDj

BPS Research Digest: People think that money affects happiness more than it really does http://short.to/zkaq

Mediation Stuff – John Lassey’s ADR Web Log: Multi-Party Mediation http://is.gd/5dWea

ABA Journal: ACTL Report: Electronic Discovery Should Be Proportionate to Controversy http://is.gd/57Ig5

Disputing: Tenth Circuit Imposes Sanctions for ‘Frivolous’ Attempt to Vacate Arbitration Award on Manifest Disregard http://short.to/zj4u

idealawg: Does how you move show how you think and communicate? http://bit.ly/5Kfypb (communication is more than just a linguistic dynamic)

Settle it Now: Music to a Mediator’s Ears: Construction Mediation Works! http://bit.ly/6EGPtR

ADR Prof Blog: Negotiation Journal Seeks Submissions http://bit.ly/8m59yd

Brains on Purpose: Using the arts in conflict resolution: Some more pieces of the puzzle? http://short.to/zjqc (book info arts and brain)

Mediation Matters: Tiger Woods’ Mediation of His Prenuptial Agreement Post Affair http://is.gd/5jG90

Dallas Divorce Blog: Geographical Restriction on Sole Managing Conservator’s Right to Designate Primary Residence Uphel http://short.to/zk9j

BPS Research Digest: You told me that already! Why we’re so poor at remembering to whom we told what http://is.gd/532vn

Disputing: Fifth Circuit Affirms Confirmation of NASD Arbitration Award http://is.gd/5dUXV

Settlement Perspectives: Delivering Bad News in Negotiation: How Big Is Your Conference Room? http://is.gd/5ehrm

idealawg: The Science Network: Many videos for you to watch on neuroscience, cognition, and learning http://bit.ly/4P77ZE

Kluwer Construction Blog: Chinese Drywall Update – Chinese Manufacturer Waives Hague Convention http://bit.ly/5DXcio

Negotiation Tip of the Week: Exercising your BATNA and preserving the Relationship http://short.to/zjq2

Sharp Brains: The Brain Advantage: Train your Autopilot . . . and How to Turn It Off http://bit.ly/8NuaO8

Patently-O: Patent on Tax Refund System Deemed Invalid under Section 101 http://is.gd/4ZMcP

SCOTUS Blog: Is “silence” a fiction? Stolt-Nielsen v. AnimalFeeds, Argument Recap http://bit.ly/7KTFLi (Loree series: http://is.gd/5k0zn)

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Google Scholar Provides Free, Searchable Database of Judicial Decisions http://is.gd/4ZSoV

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FL Arbitration Law: Arbitration Fairness Act (HR 1020 / S 931) May Get a Boost from Jones v. Halliburton and HR 3326 http://short.to/108nj

#FF to @dianelevin @IntlDispNegPod @PhilLoreeJr @DonPhilbin @abegler @ValentiLaw @ECGreaves @mgoose12 @txconflictcoach

SEClaw.com: Overview of the Securities Arbitration Process http://is.gd/56LxC

Loree: SCOTUS Update: Union Pacific Railroad Co. v. Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen (08-604) http://short.to/108ze

ABA Journal: Lawyers Second Most Likely Professional to Be in a Car Crash http://short.to/108yt

Psychology Today: The Myths of Intrinsic-Extrinsic Motivation: Incentives do not undermine intrinsic motivation http://is.gd/5331f

Disputing: U.S. Supreme Court Decides Railway Labor Act Arbitration Case http://is.gd/5j0dd

ADR Prof Blog: Larry Susskind: Audio Recording Available http://short.to/zj3t (public participation and deliberative democracy)

The Frontal Cortex: The Tiger Woods Effect http://bit.ly/7k5Sha (against someone better, we get nervous, then worry, then make mistakes)

The Frontal Cortex: Lying and Creativity http://is.gd/532zg (Picasso: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist on”

Loree: A Potpourri of Reinsurance Issues: Gulf Ins. Co. v Transatlantic Reins. Co. (1st Dep’t Oct. 1, 2009) (Part II)

The Frontal Cortex: The Reading Brain http://is.gd/4ZZ9M (your mind is performing an astonishing feat)

Workplace Prof Blog: Drummonds on Reforming Labor Law by Reforming Labor Law Preemption Doctrine http://bit.ly/6I9j7X

Patently-O: Vacatur: Judge Posner Agrees to Vacate Inequitable Conduct Holding Based on Settlement Agreement http://is.gd/4ZLXO

Disputing: What Standards of Review Apply to Arbitration Awards Under FAA 10(a)(4) in Fifth Circuit after Citigroup? http://short.to/xow9

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Reverse Mortgages — A disaster waiting to happen? http://short.to/yaba

ADR Prof Blog: Distinguishing Hi-Lo Agreements from Mary Carter Agreements http://short.to/w8kv

Kluwer Arbitration Blog: When is the ‘Venue’ of an Arbitration its ‘Seat’? http://short.to/yd5x

The Frontal Cortex: Reverse-Engineering http://bit.ly/6RSfX3 (supercomputers that imitate the machinery inside the skull)

Galima Group at Berkeley: How to prepare for an important negotiation http://short.to/yab6

Goldstein: The Fifth Circuit’s Reverse Preemption Decision: An “Upset Victory” for International Arbitration http://short.to/xpas

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: Co-parenting Goes Online http://is.gd/4ZOLv (coordinate parenting schedules, health records, immunization histories

Neuroethics & Law Blog: New Brain-Related SSRN Abstracting Journals http://is.gd/4ZOem (law organizes and constrains human behavior)

RT @alan_sharland: Challenges and benefits of maintaining impartiality when supporting #conflict resolution: http://bit.ly/S8uoU #adr

EBay, Craigslist to Face Off in Court http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704825504574580302632724732.html?mod=rss_law

Business Conflict Blog: That Lincoln Quote http://bit.ly/6NbGjF “As a peace-maker the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man.

idealawg: Blog Glob – Inside the mind of an actor (literally): How does an actor engage with the part they are playing? http://short.to/ya7h

BPS Research Digest: Want to predict a footie result? Don’t even think about it http://short.to/xpd8 (unconscious thought helpful)

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: More Fathers Are Getting Custody In Divorce http://bit.ly/6HB30q (NYT: More Fathers Are Getting Custody In Divorce)

The Greater Good Blog: Is Marriage Good for Your Health? http://is.gd/4ZPaX (married may protect health, divorced may damage health)

Wired GC: Google Targets Legal Search – Part 2 http://bit.ly/6YMTE1 (free doesn’t mean “lacks value” integrate other Google offerings?)

Harvard Business Publishing: How Will “Augmented Reality” Affect Your Business? http://short.to/vkwr

PsyBlog: The Chameleon Effect: Does mimicking other people’s body language really make them like us? http://is.gd/4ZNnU

The Frontal Cortex: Fourth Down http://is.gd/4ZNZY (illustrates difficulty making rational decisions, even when evidence supports the call)

ABA Journal: Persuasion secrets: Tips on crafting effective arguments http://is.gd/52DsK

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RT @IntlDispNegPod: CPR Inst. letter to DC on Arb Fairness Act: http://is.gd/5cDGI

The Frontal Cortex: Expertise http://bit.ly/3faQkH (the unreliability of wine critics, citing Hodgson’s fascinating statistical work)

ADR Prof Blog: Arbitration Betting http://bit.ly/4pOrDj (Mnookin: SCOTUS will allow interlocutory appeals from class action certification)

AmLaw: Downside of Litigation Financing: FL CT Rules Investor Backing Unsuccessful Lawsuit Liable for Attorneys’ Fees http://short.to/zdgj

Reverse & Render: Supreme Court Limits Entitlement to Attorney’s Fees http://is.gd/4ZPWs (narrowed right to fees on uncontroverted evidence)

Mediation Channel: For mediators, negotiators: recommended social and brain sciences blogs http://short.to/xrxk

Situationalist: “The Psychological Power of the Status Quo” http://is.gd/4ZOXG (people view their beliefs as the product of deliberation)

NPR All Tech Considered: NSA Gives Microsoft Help On Windows 7 Security http://bit.ly/5Xg2Bu (enhance Microsoft’s operating system)

Mediation Matters: The Dangers of Being a Mediator http://short.to/xpz4

Neuromarketing: The Outsider Effect http://short.to/x83c (better decisions from teams that include a socially distinct newcomer – mediator?)

Mediation Stuff – John Lassey’s ADR Blog: Underestimating Your Opponents http://short.to/xpzi (last minute negotiations risk overestimation)

RT @missdestructo: “There can be no understanding between the hand and the brain unless the heart acts as mediator.”

Patently-O: Nil: The Value of Patents in a Major Crisis Such as an Influenza Pandemic http://bit.ly/5npdMN

Psychology Today: How To Remember Things http://bit.ly/4y44hi (mind’s capacity to store and recall information is truly wondrous)

Mediation Channel: The why’s have it: teaching curiosity for effective negotiation and mediation http://short.to/x1q0

The IP ADR Blog: Insurance Coverage for Trademark Infringement Actions http://is.gd/4WcC1

Psychology Today: Deep Rationality: Evolutionary psychology meets behavioral economics. http://is.gd/4UejX

Business Conflict Blog: Arbitrating Employment Disputes: Misusing a Valuable Tool? Part II http://is.gd/4WbkP

TortsProf Blog: Guest Blogger John C.P. Goldberg: What’s Wrong with Torts?, Part II http://short.to/wpa9

Loree: A Potpourri of Reinsurance Issues Courtesy of Gulf Ins. Co. v Transatlantic Reins. Co. (Part I) http://is.gd/4ZL4e

PsyBlog: The Psychological Immune System http://short.to/wmzj (get over bad moods much sooner thanks to psychological immune system)

American Progress: (tip to Pynchon) It’s Time We Talked: Mandatory mediation in the foreclosure process http://short.to/yan7

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Article Discusses 2009 Estate Planning Legislation in Texas http://short.to/x7l4

Disputing: Am Rev of International Arbitration: Evidence and Discovery in Arbitration: The Problem of ‘Third Parties’ http://short.to/x7kl

Psychology Today: What the lips say about how we feel and think: What our lips reveal about us – even when lying! http://short.to/wmzn

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Tips and Lessons Learned From Mediating Estate Disputes http://bit.ly/3QuiWr

ABA Journal: Secret ACC Ratings Appear on Blog; Group Says Release Is ‘Premature’ http://bit.ly/4Ius30 via @AddToAny

IP ADR Blog: Tradename Settlement Spawns Legal Malpractice Action and Questionable Mediation Confidentiality Decision http://is.gd/4Wcwl

The Mouse Trap: The five domains of human social experience: the SCARF model http://is.gd/4X4kA

Disputing: State Bar of Texas Advanced Mediation Workshop http://short.to/wp51

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: Court grants mandamus: trial court imposed greater burden for relocation than law allows http://is.gd/4X3PK

The Divorce Collaborative: Part 2 – How Much Will My Divorce Mediation Cost? by Steve McDonough http://cli.gs/HYmXL

Mind Hacks: Dog eat dog http://is.gd/4X4e3 (Malcolm Gladwell recently published a collection of his essays in his new book What the Dog Saw)

Mass Tort Litigation Blog: Embedded Aggregation in Civil Litigation http://short.to/x7mu

Marc Goldstein: New York Convention Is Not “Reverse Pre-Empted” By State Insurance Regulation Designating Judicial Forum http://bit.ly/siL1e

Mind Hacks: EEG leads to murder conviction http://cli.gs/adaBd

Mediation Matters: Personality Matters — What’s Yours? http://cli.gs/MveHd

BPS Research Digest: Patients with empathic, attentive doctors recover more quickly from the common cold http://cli.gs/HrW9a

Mass Tort Litigation Blog: Gilles on Consumer Class Actions http://short.to/wml7

Psychology Today: Born to Perform: The ability to keep cool depends on how your brain is wired http://is.gd/4QOos

idealawg: Harvard’s very popular course on justice now available to you online http://cli.gs/z16y5

RT @ewusiak: Arbitration Fairness Act of 2009 (H.R. 1020 / S 931) May Get a Boost from Jones v. Halliburton http://bit.ly/gl5at

Wealth Mediation Blog: What’s Missing from the Balance Sheet: Intangible Assets and Liabilities in Business Families http://short.to/wmk5

The Frontal Cortex: Luxury Goods http://short.to/xpdg (artificial scarcity used to alter balance between rarity (high) and abundance (low))

TaxProf Blog: How to Fix Charitable Giving http://cli.gs/eHYZX

Managerial Econ: Why are New Car Prices so Low on Black Friday? http://bit.ly/8jfPb9

Mediation Stuff – John Lassey’s ADR Web Log: A Mediator’s Prayer http://bit.ly/FhSWK

The Frontal Cortex: Smell and Memory http://short.to/wbt8

SECLaw.com: FBI Says Hackers Targeting Law Firms http://is.gd/4ZQ16 (e-mail scheme aimed at sensitive data on overseas operations)

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Jurisdiction and Venue for Will and Trust Disputes in Texas http://short.to/xq71 (court statute interplay

UChicago: Judge Richard Posner’s 2009 Grad Rmks on future law practice (billable hour) to its newest (skip to time 20:45) http://is.gd/4RP1G

Mass Tort Litigation Blog: Issacharoff & Klonoff on the Mass Tort Settlements http://cli.gs/1eHvX

Psychology Today: Fair Play: Fairness can be more rewarding than money http://bit.ly/2XSGCM (fairness is a primary reward or threat)

RT @scupchurch: are vanishing jury trials a slippery slope? what role does mediation play and is it a good one? http://bit.ly/6iZb5b

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: Parent Coordinator v. Parent Facilitator — What’s the diff? http://cli.gs/RU6SP

idealawg: Blog Glob: “UPS’s Legal Department Brainstorms a Package Deal to Save a Parcel of $$$” http://short.to/wghq

ABA Journal: Levi’s Is Paying Orrick a Flat Fee to Handle All But Its IP Work http://is.gd/52uCE

ABA Journal: 64% of Law Departments Have or Will Implement Rate Freezes, Survey Says http://is.gd/52uvv

ADR Prof Blog: ABA Discussion of Impact of Pyett on Union-Management Relations http://bit.ly/i34yn

Patently-O: Business Method Patents: Technological Change, Not Judicial Activism http://is.gd/4Renl

Mediation Channel: Ethics and best practices for mediation provider organizations: 7 years after Georgetown http://is.gd/4Tuj8

Mediation Stuff – John Lassey’s ADR Web Log: Maginot Lines in the Sand http://bit.ly/1oCbNA

BrainBlog: Sleep, Dreams, and Cognitive Function: A Dream Interpretation: Tuneups for the Brain http://bit.ly/4pmOY1

The Frontal Cortex: Temptation http://short.to/wa4v (human brain is the ultimate category buster, blurring the lines of good and bad)

Mediation Matters: First Impressions Count — So Make a Good One http://bit.ly/3iGcDq

Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Conflict of Interest Challenges in Governing Nonprofits Organizations http://bit.ly/GZ02g

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RT @vpynchon: brilliant to use game show contestant as party in mediation @donphilbin (thanks vpynchon)

RT @vpynchon: @donphilbin’s presentation both smart and enjoyable; you’d really enjoy having him help you settle a commercial case!

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BPS Research Digest: David Buss: Overcoming irrationality http://is.gd/3YbdY (still don’t understand why I succumb to psychological biases)

The Frontal Cortex: Listening to Your Pulse http://is.gd/40cfb (being able to count your own heartbeats correlates w/ better decision-making

Real Divorce Mediation: Divorce and the House http://bit.ly/Pukue (couples opting to keep joint ownership, hoping the market will turn)

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BPS Research Digest: Robert Cialdini: Taking on too much http://bit.ly/4klDrh (gauge point at which the next opportunity should be rejected)

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Galima Group: Definition of a successful negotiator http://short.to/ssid

Resolving Conflict in Teams: Acknowledge Emotions Before Solving Problems http://bit.ly/hUiGg

Mediation Matters: Juries Get It Wrong Many Times Says New Study http://is.gd/40aXx


Mediation Strategies: EFFECTIVE PREPARATION http://is.gd/3WwrW

Mediation Matters: Buyers Remorse in Settlement and Mediations: Seven Ways to Avoid It http://is.gd/3Ww2M

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BPS Research Digest: One nagging thing you still don’t understand about yourself http://short.to/somn

Psychology Today: Anger and Catharsis: Myth, Metaphor or Reality? http://bit.ly/cHFvZ (sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all)

Disputing: Grants for Medical Liability Reform Demonstration Projects http://short.to/t9l7ADR Prof Blog: Franken Changes to Job Arbitration Bill Pass Senate http://short.to/t8wg

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The Frontal Cortex: Fasting http://short.to/slm6 (my brain needs glucose like my laptop needs alternating current)

TortsProf Blog: Guest Blogger Vandall: Justice Rewritten http://is.gd/3Ya5L (economics should be taught as a required law school course)

RT @WSJLawBlog: NBC Hit With Font Infringement Suit (Of All Things) http://bit.ly/3r6PXv

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Loree: SCOTUS Denies Certiorari in All Three FAA Manifest Disregard Cases Considered at Last Week’s Conference http://bit.ly/4vCtDN

Vogel: Google Update!- Estimated Value – $32B, But Also Taking Over News and Display Ad Leadership! http://is.gd/3Wi9s

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CPR: Obama’s Garden Beer Party Produces Promise for Further Dialogue (July 31). http://bit.ly/3iJ25r

Patently-O: Centocor v. Abbott (E.D.Tex.) http://short.to/knft

M Twain: Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over againhttp://is.gd/1Kzf6

Jeff Kichaven: When Is the Right Time To Mediate? http://bit.ly/hpvma

Cognitive Daily: How do we remember scenes? http://short.to/l3s9

PON: “Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we’ve got.” — Art Buchwald http://is.gd/1Kzf6

PON Daily: Balancing Competing Interests, Waxman Style http://bit.ly/lRUri

Disputing: Fifth Circuit: You Should Not Be Allowed a Second Bite at the Apple Through Arbitration http://is.gd/1UgNP

IP ADR Blog: Successful Fed Circuit Mandatory Mediation Program Takes a Patent Dip in First Half of ’09 http://is.gd/1KVP4

ADR Prof Blog (Golann): Commentary on the NAF Lawsuit http://www.indisputably.org/?p=321

Brain Waves Blog: The Neuro Revolution published! http://bit.ly/T38Cv

Gerry Spence: On being selfish http://short.to/km2e

IP ADR Blog: Negotiating in Bad Faith http://snipr.com/o7mdm

PON Resource: “Conflict lies at the core of innovation.” — Emanuel R. Piore http://snipr.com/nvk9k

Workplace Prof Blog: Pleading Discrimination Claims After Iqbal & Twombley http://short.to/kmq8

Sharp: Lines are being blurred in modern mediation practice like never before http://bit.ly/11eXFH

IP ADR Blog: Eight Challenges to the Successful Mediation of Patent Cases http://short.to/ky6n

AmLaw Litigation Daily: Fair Use Defense Gets KO’d at Boston Illegal Music Downloading Trial http://short.to/l2p8

Disputing: Client Sues Texas Attorney Over Failed Arbitration http://snipr.com/nvbtg

WSJ Law Blog: The Shortest Allegedly Defamatory Statement in History? http://bit.ly/18mKJU

Pynchon: Negotiating the Resolution of Civil Harassment Complaints http://snipr.com/nt0wj


IP ADR Blog: Best IP Settlement Advice in the Role of a Cartoon Character http://short.to/l0hl

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: Grandparent Access to Grandchild Over Parent’s Objection New Law http://short.to/klp7

Legal Writing Prof Blog: basing decisions on life experience http://is.gd/1KcuX (negotiation: the brain must employ both logic and emotion)

Disputing: Testimony from the U.S. Congress Hearing on the Misuse of Arbitration to Collect Consumer Debt http://short.to/ko0e

Mediation Matters: Mistakes Made By Mediators — Part Three http://is.gd/1INZO

Enjoy Mediation: Q & A With Steve Mehta http://is.gd/1Hw2N

ABA Journal: Boom and Bust: E-discovery industry seeing slower growth, more mergers http://short.to/kcxb

Mediate.com: Building Positive Emotions In Mediation http://snipr.com/nppf8

Disputing: ABA CLE | Chicago July 31 | Arbitration: Has It Fulfilled Its Promises? http://bit.ly/S5orH

ABA Journal: Getting Personal: Social networks appeal, but not to the firm http://snipr.com/npo2g

AmLaw Daily: Citing Ashcroft v. Iqbal, Florida Judge Dismisses Seroquel False Marketing Suit http://is.gd/1Hup1

ABAJournal: Big Bank Blinks; Is This the End for Mandatory Consumer Arbitration? http://bit.ly/2cCYVu

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: Alimony in Texas?!? Well, sort of . . . http://is.gd/1Ht7S

Harvard’s PON guru Mnookin talks mediation: Getting to yes: What would it take for Gates, Crowley to shake hands http://snipr.com/nvizk

Mediate.com Blog Postings of the Week http://is.gd/1HwNa

Workplace Prof Blog: interactive map of state minimum wage rates http://bit.ly/yw7Jd

ADR Prof Blog: Materials from Congressional Hearings on Arbitration http://bit.ly/P1jtG

Disputing: Global Arbitration Review Article: ‘Bad Faith’ Costs Decision Upheld http://is.gd/1HGsZ

Disputing: The American Arbitration Association Confirms Today That It Suspends Arbitration of Consumer Debt Collection http://short.to/khy4

TAKEAWAYS: Self-Determination and Divorce: A Personal Story http://short.to/kar6

AP: Unraveling how children become bilingual so easily http://snipr.com/nnvrg (brain science: how brain processes and imprints language)

Disputing: The Psychology of Overconfidence and Mediation http://bit.ly/125pHE

Patently-O: When The Infringing Device only Temporarily Meets the Claim Limitations http://snipr.com/nns8x

PrawfsBlawg: Overturning Twombly and Iqbal http://bit.ly/GbyCz

WSJ: An Arbitration Revolution? AAA Joins NAF, Stops Taking New Cases http://bit.ly/AQ9kz

Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation: ‘Insulting’ First Offers: Why Lawyers Make Them, and How to Respond (Dwight Golann)

Texas Lawyer Blog: $178.7 million verdict includes $5 million in punitives against GC http://short.to/k9kj

Texas Lawyer Blog: OCA’s Carl Reynolds launches new blog CourTex http://short.to/k9ke

WSJ: Credit Card Disputes Tossed Into Disarray http://short.to/kc87 http://bit.ly/7kGyd

Disputing: Texas Supreme Court Finds that Court Abused Its Discretion by Allowing Pre-Arbitration Discovery http://snipr.com/nnq0n

Pynchon: The American Arbitration Association Gives Up Consumer Debt Collection Disputes as Well http://bit.ly/Ib8Sv

WSJ Law Blog: Making Sense of the Dip in Securities-Fraud Cases http://short.to/k9t1

Mediation Matters: Mistakes Made By Mediators �” Part Two http://snipr.com/nnqdn

New Yorker: Cocksure: Banks, battles, and the psychology of overconfidence. http://short.to/ka16 (Gladwell negotiation / mediation theory)

Disputing: U.S. Congress Hearing on the Misuse of Arbitration to Collect Consumer Debt http://snipr.com/nl7fh

Dallas Divorce Lawyer Blog: Standing for Step-father to Sue for Custody http://bit.ly/IrFhz

Bankrate.com: Want settlement cash now? Not so fast! http://snipr.com/nj25r

CPR: Sunday 7/19 Update: NAF Halts All Consumer Arbitrations; House Hearings Wednesday http://bit.ly/p1ZlR (Bleemer leads again)

PGP Mediation: EFFECTIVE NEGOTIATION http://short.to/k2us

Mediation Matters: Mistakes Made By Mediators –Part One http://bit.ly/P6rw4

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: Do Sanctions Apply to Best Interest of Child? http://bit.ly/fj3PE

Structured Settlements 4Real: Eight Structured Settlement Consultants Explain It “Like Its 1999” http://bit.ly/OuwqF

Settlement Perspectives: Ambiguities in Rule 68: Why Are They Relevant to You? http://bit.ly/ZE3Gt

Loree: The Art & Science of Mediation: A Brief Recap of Don Philbin/Randall Kiser/Katherine Billingham ABA Telecon http://bit.ly/19R2DM

Disputing: Texas Bar Journal: Letter to the Editor on Improving Arbitration http://bit.ly/ltrU1

Time: Why Girls Have BFFs and Boys Hang Out in Packs http://bit.ly/ukiol (more brain science research to help in negotiation mediation)

Workplace Prof Blog: EEOC Issues Employee Guidance on Waivers in Severence Agreements http://bit.ly/i8CmW

Patently O: Patent Application Pendency: Percent of Applications Still Pending http://bit.ly/qpHHl

Civil Negotiation and Mediation: Creating a Negotiation Plan http://bit.ly/AmFGx

Lawsagna: “Can Your Brain Fight Fatigue?” http://adjix.com/seud (NYT: sports drinks replace cookies in mediation?)

CPR: Thursday Update on Minnesota AG v. National Arbitration Forum: NAF’s New Statement on the Complaint (July 16). http://bit.ly/p1ZlR

Goldstein: Judicial Power to Change the Place of Arbitration? http://bit.ly/GEgLx (5th Cir.)

Brains on Purpose: Why it’s brain-friendly 2 clarify ideas through images http://bit.ly/XrtGQ (make images a part of negotiation mediation)

Law Prof Blog Rankings http://bit.ly/4kzzc (some good subject matter sources here)

Mediation Matters: Let it Show, Let it Show — Make sure to bring proper demonstrative evidence to the mediation http://bit.ly/17ol9k

Disputing: Professor Alan Scott Rau Comments to In re Morgan Stanley http://bit.ly/Z8jek

Disputing: Texas Supreme Court Holds that the Court, not the Arbitrator Should Decide the Issue of Capacity to Contract http://bit.ly/3Fz1J6

Mediate.com: Co-Parenting After A Divorce—Tips From A Mediator http://bit.ly/B2VPf

Cross Collaborate: A Note on Humor & Consensus Building http://bit.ly/DlhMX

Forum: 5 New ADR Blogs to Add to Your Reading List, by Diane Levine http://bit.ly/q3fXW

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: Divorce Recession — Cold as Ice or Hot as Ever? http://bit.ly/mHXEW

IP ADR Blog: Patent Arbitration – Abiding By the Rules http://bit.ly/U9FwR

Business Conflict Blog: Drafting Arbitration Clauses Post-Hall Street http://bit.ly/Rc7oe

Tax Prof Blog: Moneyball Lives! http://bit.ly/16nmpM (one of the most entertaining decision analysis books) (negotiation mediation Spurs)

Disputing: Law Review Article: “Disappearing Juries and Jury Verdicts” http://bit.ly/WxzS9

HBS: A Decision-Making Perspective to Negotiation: A Review of the Past and a Look into the Future http://bit.ly/3w6SPz (mediation)

IP ADR Blog: Litigation Accounting for In-House Counsel http://bit.ly/xwTy7

IP ADR Blog: Making Aggressive Opening Offers http://bit.ly/7pMED

IP ADR Blog: Mediator’s Proposal: Take It or Leave It by Robert J. Rose of Sheldon Mak http://bit.ly/IMiOf

Adjunct Law Prof Blog: Top 100 Employment Law Blogs http://bit.ly/5cBUn

Settlement Perspectives: Advanced Decision Tree Analysis in Litigation: An Interview With Marc Victor, Part II http://bit.ly/53voe

Diane Levin finds the Three Little Pigs Mediation from VA.gov http://bit.ly/17kPQy (used there to set expectations)

NPR: When Brain Scans Mislead http://bit.ly/uvkLY (negotiation theory; can be misleading as a measure of thought, emotion, or personality)

Disputing: Arbitration of Discrimination Claims After 14 Penn Plaza v. Pyett http://bit.ly/17pvss

Cognitive Daily: Is less always more? http://bit.ly/jogG6 (we prefer a moderate number of choices in negotiation — not too many or too few)

Disputing: U.S. Supreme Court Vacates Sixth Circuit Decision that Nonsignatories May not Enforce Arbitration Agreement http://bit.ly/v8w0R

Brains on Purpose: Want to communicate well in mediation? Here are a couple of tips http://bit.ly/OxXoS

Disputing: Texas Supreme Court Rules on Arbitration of Tort Claims in Employment Contract http://bit.ly/12GtxB

ADR Prof Blog: Arbitrators grant dispositive motions less often than judges http://bit.ly/lFbla

Writing Blog: NYT: How our brains assess risk and possible lessons for more effective advocacy http://bit.ly/vSco6 (a favorite negotiation t

Variability in Punitive Damages: An Empirical Assessment of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in Exxon Shipping Co. v. http://bit.ly/2cevS

WSJLaw: New and Improved Arbitration? http://tinyurl.com/pa7b45

Sharp: Nice collection of articles by AIM Institute faculty just posted http://bit.ly/3dw6cU

Business Conflict Blog: Mediation http://bit.ly/2TW0e (Peter has gone overboard — but he is one of the best in the business so I’ll take )

Disputing: Article: “Civil Jury Trials R.I.P.? Can it Actually Happen in America?” and the Federal Arbitration Act http://bit.ly/40nIYr

Tax Prof Blog: Taxes and the Declaration of Independence http://bit.ly/DJJsu

Settlement Perspective: Advanced Decision Tree Analysis in Litigation: An Interview With Marc Victor, Part I http://bit.ly/1CTSi

Mediation channel surfing: in a round-up of links, some tasty ideas to snack on http://bit.ly/Gojo1 — Diane does a nice job with these

RT @CatherineMorris: RT @dianelevin Superb PDF download: One Minute Manager Prepares for Mediation (and negotiation) http://bit.ly/188X3B tx

RT @dianelevin: Am a fan of optical illusions for their ability to challenge our perception. Here’s a good one involv. http://bit.ly/585xS

Forum Blog: NY Bar Guidelines for Discovery in Domestic Commercial Arbitration http://bit.ly/JrwaH

Settle It Now Negotiation Blog: Deal or No Deal: Improving the Odds of Successful Mediation http://bit.ly/PgU7x

Business Conflict Blog: Finally! The White House “Gets” ADR http://bit.ly/dktPt

Loree: Upcoming ABA Mediation Teleconference Featuring Don Philbin and Katherine Billingham http://bit.ly/Lv11E (thanks for the mention)

Chron Higher Ed: Change or Die: Scholarly E-Mail Lists, Once Vibrant, Fight for Relevance http://bit.ly/3fYty

Altman Weil: 2009 CHIEF LEGAL OFFICER SURVEY http://bit.ly/qQDeb

SCOTUS Blog: Thoughts on this Term and the Next http://bit.ly/QKs1h (thoughtful recap of SCT term)

ADR Prof Blog: Mediation and the Separability Doctrine http://bit.ly/SoqES (extent to which clause can require pre-suit mediation)

Domain Name Wire: Sandra Bullock Fights for Her Domain Name http://bit.ly/3IrlxH

Forbes Intelligent Investing: Should Securities Arbitration Be Mandatory? http://bit.ly/L68uf

Business Conflict Blog: Contract Drafting for Dispute Management http://bit.ly/izt3C (negotiation mediation arbitration)

SCOTUS Blog: End of Term “Super Stat Pack” http://bit.ly/7HKfS – Supreme Court decision metrics for the term concluded today

NLJ: Anatomy of an Arbitration Disaster http://bit.ly/19PZg

Disputing: Texas HB 2256 Makes Possible a New Mediation Procedure for ‘Balance Billing’ http://bit.ly/JTy06 (also a topic at TX ADR meeting)

RT @vpynchon: RT @HappyHandyman: How to Negotiate Taxes with the IRS http://bit.ly/9SpjP

WSJ: GM to Take on Future Product-Liability Claims (Chrysler no?) http://bit.ly/U47y0

RT @consumerfinance: FTC Roundtable to Discuss Debt Collection Litigation and Arbitration; Call for Public Comments: http://tr.im/pQAb

RT @KluwerArb: Blog: Special Masters in International Arbitration: by Roger Alford http://tinyurl.com/pph7jp (Alford is good)

Loree: Scarpato Reports on the Association of Insurance & Reinsurance Run-Off Companies (AIRROC) Dispute Resolution Pro. http://bit.ly/lIXqd

Tex Parte Blog: Conjunctions, contractions and controversy http://bit.ly/jZEF2 (Scalia and Garner were great at State Bar)

Barnett: ID of Party to Arbitration Pact Doesn’t Matter, Texas Supremes Hold http://bit.ly/10NAc8

Disputing: Audrey Maness: Weil, Gotshal & Manges Guest-Post: Texas House Bill 1083 http://bit.ly/i1v5w


Domain Name Wire: Tiger Woods Can’t Sink Putt for Child’s Domain Name http://bit.ly/acR9k

RT @Fulbright Publication: 2009 TX Legislative Session in Review: What Passed, What Didn’t and Where We Go From Here http://ow.ly/fLtc

RT @JuryVox: Check this out. World Clock with running counters on Crime, Death, Energy Production, more… way cool. http://bit.ly/113k5C

Enjoy Mediation: Selective Perception http://bit.ly/wFQIG (latch on to confirming information and discount disconfirming information)

Spoelstra: The ‘Texas Shoot Out’ And Other Ways To Get Out Of Deals! http://bit.ly/OQGrG negotiation mediation arbitration

Mehta: Taking Escalates More than Giving De-Escalates — How that Affects Mediation and Negotiation http://bit.ly/10QTAK

ABA Book: How Brain Science can Make You a Better Lawyer http://bit.ly/11I93y (always fascinated with implications for negotiation mediation

Sharp finds another gem: video played at Sony’s Executive Conference this year http://bit.ly/kUMAY (worth 5 min)

Disputing: TX Federal Court Finds Blockbuster’s Online User Agreement ‘Illusory’ and Denies Motion to Compel Arbitration http://bit.ly/j1YZS

Loss Aversion Under Prospect Theory http://bit.ly/YmTAJ (decision analysis society picks topic familiar to mediators for top award)

Disputing: U.S. Dispute Resolution Legislation: Update — concise summary of pending ADR bills http://bit.ly/16jOdB

RT @WSJLawBlog: The Beginning of the End of Mandatory Arbitration? http://tinyurl.com/nohn6t

RT @WSJPersFinance: Securities Arbitration Is Faulted http://tinyurl.com/q8canb

Mehta: Rose Colored Glasses in Mediation Might Be Helpful — Research on Ability to Take In Information and Moods http://bit.ly/xZUao

Geoff Sharp: 10 suggestions for lawyers heading into a mediation (first installment) http://bit.ly/845iW

Disputing: Fifth Circuit Confirms International Commercial Arbitration Award http://bit.ly/nX4N1

Kluwer Arbitration: The Case for Publication of Arbitral Awards http://bit.ly/vnlbI

WSJ: A Wandering Mind Heads Toward Insight – anatomy of the brain’s breakthrough moments and the payoff of daydreaming http://bit.ly/TaTbT

Business Journal: Marquette law school to run foreclosure mediation program in Milwaukee http://bit.ly/FdQvE

RT @WSJLawBlog: Breaking: Woman Ordered to Pay $1.92M for Illegal Downloading http://tinyurl.com/n2xj2s

RT @mediatecom: Article: View of Mediation in the Future – http://bit.ly/KkIHy

Settlement Perspectives: When Not To Negotiate: My Tree, My Neighbor’s House http://bit.ly/118NQ0

Mehta: I Just Assumed…Assumptions Can Create Nightmares in Mediation and Negotiation http://bit.ly/VBNBx

Foreclosure mediation rules being developed in Nevada — highest foreclosures — expect 1500 per month http://bit.ly/QuEgP

RT @Caufrier: Obama healthcare moves follow Harvard Negotiation playbook http://bit.ly/3pJiSL

ADR Prof Blog: “I find it interesting that the plan doesn’t call for the immediate outlawing of mandatory arbitration” http://bit.ly/6l22w

Financial Reg Reform: new consumer protection agency should have the power to ban mandatory arbitration clauses. (62-63) http://bit.ly/JvohQ

CKA Mediation & Arbitration: More Divorcing Couples Utilize ADR http://bit.ly/aHoeF

The mediator’s proposal is supposed to be a reflection of what will work to settle the conflict http://bit.ly/y6TgY

Mediate.com: Recession Shifting Disputes to Mediation http://bit.ly/qSG0x

RT @astarita: “How to Lose a $4.1 Billion Wrongful Termination Arbitration Award” http://bit.ly/YdhCU Hint – represent yourself and don …

Sharp: most impressive thing about a mediator who’s on their game is the ability to go from a standing start to 100kph http://bit.ly/rKaDf

Mediation Matters: International Elder Abuse Awareness Day — Learning About Elder Abuse and Mediation http://bit.ly/gHMCa

Mediation Matters: Pass the Vinegar, Honey! The Effect Of Anger On Others During Negotiations http://bit.ly/CTyBZ

Indisputably: Supreme Court grants cert in another FAA-related case http://bit.ly/Yk6kE

Disputing: Texas Supreme Court Rules on Burden of Proof in Arbitration Agreement http://bit.ly/WEroT

Lloyd’s Issues Warning About Threat of Instability Due to Recession: http://bit.ly/ZO2Tj

RT @stevemehta: A mediator has to be the beacon of optimism. People look to the mediator to gauge the success of mediation.

Dallas Divorce Law Blog: New TX Law Regarding Standard Possession Order http://bit.ly/uGPtY

LA Mayor Villaraigosa: Mandatory Mediation Needed Between Lenders and Homeowners Near Default. http://bit.ly/faBRH

Mediation Matters: New York State Bar Issues New Report On Arbitration Guidelines For Discovery http://bit.ly/EOS1K

ADR Prof Blog: NPR Story on the “Arbitration Debate” http://bit.ly/4omYWt

IP ADR Blog: Yes You ARE Making Irrational Decisions: What to Do About It (tx vicki) http://bit.ly/S0QOs

Sharp: Mediation – an integral part of our litigation culture http://bit.ly/8EwSf

Mediate.com Certification Follow Up: Jim Melamed Responds http://bit.ly/47D30

Disputing: Employment and Consumer Arbitration: NPR Article (nice recap for arbitrators) http://bit.ly/hzXAT

RT @WSJopinion: Jenkins: GM Needs a Political Strategy: Whitacre is not there to sell cars. http://tinyurl.com/lu8vfp Brilliant choice.

RTKl Costs in International Arbitration – A plea for a debate on early guidance by the arbitral tribunal on the p. http://tinyurl.com/lofn3c

“Mediation is a good thing because it helps to engender settlement and only a fool does not want to settle.” http://bit.ly/4VAo3

Settle It Now: Foreclosure Mediation Becomes Mandatory in Connecticut http://bit.ly/4UZN0

Disputing: Fifth Circuit Confirms Arbitration Award in Employment Case http://bit.ly/MkR0u

RT @LauraOwings: US Sup Ct lets law nullifying pre-admission nursing home arbitration agreements stand http://tinyurl.com/kkouge

Rethinking Negotiation Teaching: Innovations for Context and Culture is a must read for ADR academics and trainers http://bit.ly/8UZ88

Don Philbin interesting blog on attribution biases led me to this Circle of Conflict graph — mediation negotiation http://bit.ly/mOxxF

RT @KluwerLawOnline: English Court retains jurisdiction notwithstanding French arbitration clause: http://tinyurl.com/l35ldt

RT @IntlDispNegPod: Here’s one for you train spotters: Biggest ICSID arbitration award ever to individuals, seventh biggest ever …..

RT @leejayb: In negotiation, the right answer at the wrong time is the wrong answer. Being more strategic and less emotional wins the prize.

Link to bet the company litigation http://bit.ly/1a2LMH

Sharp picks another — Moffitt rejoining Dean Fiss’s classic article “Against Settlement” — negotiation http://bit.ly/BB5Vz

ADR Prof: more on the long-running debate over puffing / lying in negotiation / mediation http://bit.ly/WlnOL

IP ADR Blog: Unsurprising Speculation on Bratz Litigation Resolution: Licensing Agreement in the Works http://bit.ly/glxms

Mehta: Negotiating Games — Using Anger in Mediation, A Researched Analysis http://bit.ly/9hYbq

Employee terminated after accessing Facebook from her a home after claiming to be too ill to use a computer at work http://bit.ly/r2LWs

Eisenberg: The Decision to Award Punitive Damages: An Empirical Study (judges award more often in PI cases and juries in non-PI cases) …

Disputing: Sonia Sotomayor Meets Posner: Standards of Review for Arbitration Awards After Hall Street http://bit.ly/C7rpJ

Law.com: Technology Is Great, but Prove Your Point http://bit.ly/eWwYP

Fifth Circuit: Sham Arbitration Cannot Be Used to Perform an Unlawful Transfer http://bit.ly/Pwe5j

Sotomayor’s Arbitration Jurisprudence — Prof Cole: nothing to suggest that she will vote differently than has Justice Souter. http://bi

Don Philbin watched Steve Susman’s “Litigating in a Downturn” (5 min. clip) and recommends it to his attorney and mediator friends. http://bit.ly/WRS4i

RT @robertlevy: Interesting Bloomberg’s law report on arbitration – Is Arbitration the Right Result. http://bit.ly/PrigM

RT @fwpharma: Johnson & Johnson initiates arbitration proceedings over Remicade, Simponi http://bit.ly/qqTiJ

TX HB 1083 prohibits court ordered mediation in arbitrable actions under the FAA without party agreement. http://bit.ly/25ftF

Mediation Matters: Anger Management A Must — Anger Can Be Damaging To Negotiations or Mediation http://stevemehta.wordpress.com

Ottawa Business Journal: The Benefits Of Arbitration In Commercial Disputes (http://bit.ly/KY1L2

Five ways to take the sting out of mediation http://bit.ly/d1COS

RT @fulbright: 5/22 International Arbitration: “manifest disregard of the law” – dead or alive? http://tinyurl.com/r4g8vq

RT @LawPassion: NASAA Supports Arbitration Fairness Act http://www.trigeia.com/node/311514

Negotiations Today Could Haunt You Tomorrow — Study Finds Long Term Implications http://stevemehta.wordpress.com/2009/05/21/negotiations-today-could-haunt-you-tomorrow-study-finds-long-term-implications/

Musicians have better memory — not just for music, but words and pictures too http://bit.ly/MDU1I

Interesting Take on Arbitration Fairness Act by E. Gary Spitko http://bit.ly/9u4sD

RT @EarthTimesPR: JAMS Announces First International ADR Center to Provide More Effective Arbitration and Mediation Worldwide http://tin

Domain Name Disputes: SAP Loses Case Against UniSAP http://bit.ly/OFDoW

U.S. Report on Commercial Arbitration – The Impact of Uniform Law on National Law: Limits and Possibilities http://bit.ly/hSsJJ

Manifest Disregard is Dead – Long Live § 10(a)(4) FAA? http://bit.ly/IGW9i

No extension of arbitration agreement to non-signatory parent company based on letter of guarantee http://bit.ly/hV6y1

Arbitration Award That Conflicts With Public Employer’s Internal Policy Does Not Violate Public Policy http://bit.ly/2ZaLMV

Don Philbin another fine article on psychological biases — Tor is top shelf — helpful in negotiation and mediation http://bit.ly/1blPJ3

RT @Fulbright: 5/18 International Arbitration: Applications under sect 1782 to obtain discovery http://tinyurl.com/r4g8vq

RT @stevemehta: Studies show that really effective negotiators prepare 400% more than ordinary negotiators. Consider that b4 going to me …

Don Philbin construction mediation report from The Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution at King’s College London http://bit.ly/aeOfo

Ethics and Negotiating: Truth or Consequences? from the New York Law Journal http://bit.ly/LiRey

RT @dougnoll: Divorce Mediation Strategies | Divorce Tips http://bit.ly/18yOk6

Don Philbin Forbes arbitration piece: http://bit.ly/k1wUF

RT @bfmradio: Podcast: Negotiation and Decision-Making Using Mind-Mapping – KC Liew, Brainworks Enrichment – http://tinyurl.com/p24blh

American College of Trial Lawyers Task Force Report recommends ADR processes http://bit.ly/JuIWH

Texas Bar Journal Article: The Future of Arbitration http://bit.ly/2rlnit

RT @stevemehta: Surface Transp. Board assists Dupont in shipping dispute in first STB mediation. http://ping.fm/y9obO

RT @stevemehta: Getty and Met receive Italian art through the benefit of mediation. http://ping.fm/cLEEC


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    Don Philbin is an attorney-mediator, negotiation consultant and trainer, and arbitrator. He has resolved disputes and crafted deals for more than 20-years as a commercial litigator, general counsel, and president of communications and technology-related companies. Don has mediated hundreds of matters in a wide variety of substantive areas and serves as an arbitrator on several panels, including CPR’s Panels of Distinguished Neutrals. He is an adjunct professor at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Law School, Chair of the ABA Dispute Resolution Section’s Negotiation Committee, and a member of the ADR Section Council of the State Bar of Texas. Don is a Fellow of the American Academy of Civil Trial Mediators and is listed in THE BEST LAWYERS IN AMERICA (Dispute Resolution), THE BEST LAWYERS IN SAN ANTONIO, and the BAR REGISTER OF PREEMINENT LAWYERS.

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